What to Avoid When You Stage Your Home for Sale

We have all heard how important it is to stage your home for sale. We have been told that the most important things we must do for a quick and successful sale is to declutter and depersonalize. But can we overdue the staging? The answer is absolutely, according to some of the experts.

Jarrod Guy Randolph, a real estate broker in Manhattan, recently stated:

One thing that people shouldn’t do is remove too many personal items. Keep a few things to show that this is a home that’s actually lived in, and a home that buyers could make their own.”

So, what things should you avoid when you stage your home for sale? Consider the following.

Before You Stage Your Home for Sale

I would suggest that before you begin to stage your home for sale, you put yourself in the shoes of a home buyer. Take a notebook and pen or pencil and visit a few open house showings. As you walk through each house make notes of what warms you to the house and what turns you off. Pay particular attention to what each seller has done to make the house more inviting. As you make your notes, you will notice things that the seller has overlooked that you should avoid overlooking when you stage your own home for sale. Be sure to note your own feelings. As you approach the house does it seem inviting? When you enter, do you get a warm, friendly feeling? Is it clean and orderly, or somewhat overcrowded and cluttered? Does it have a clean, fresh smell? All of these things are important to consider.

Creating a Lived In Friendly Atmosphere

Just as some people you meet give you a feeling of friendly welcome, while others are standoff and aloof, so a home can do the same. As you begin to stage your home for sale, you want to create an atmosphere of peace and calm, warmth and welcome.

A cluttered house is one of the number one taboos that prospective buyers site for home rejection. Most buyers are attracted to openness and brightness. Space is also important. A spacious house, even if it is relatively small, will attract more buyers. After all, they are purchasing space. When you declutter however, keep in mind that a lived in home is always more inviting and appealing. As you declutter, don’t forget the little (the operative word here is little) touches that make a house a home. Choose one or two family pictures, not a whole collage of them. That also goes for decorative accents such as art, books and tabletop pieces.

Flowers in vases also tend to add an inviting touch, but be sure the flowers are fresh and not wilted. If you have a garden, consider using fresh flowers from your garden. Silk flowers can also be used, but use in moderation. The flowers you choose shouldn’t be formal and stiff, but simple and in keeping with your décor.

One word of caution when choosing your personal items; always avoid political, religious or erotic artwork and books. Remember that the people who will be walking through your house may not appreciate your personal tastes and interests. You want them to picture themselves as living in your home, so keep a neutrality when picking out your personal items for display.

When it comes to scents, a fresh clean scent is best. Avoid cover-up air fresheners or scented candles. That also goes for cooking smells. You never want people to wonder what you might be trying to hide.

Above all, when you begin to stage your home for sale enjoy the process. When you are finished, you may just fall in love with the place all over again.

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About the Author: Christie Morgan

I am a former Licensed Real Estate Agent that absolutely loves helping people find the home of their dreams. I also enjoy interior design, reading, writing, traveling, and spending time with my two cats.