Total Clothing Closet Clean-Out

At the start of each season, it’s smart to refresh your clothing closet. We’ve created a complete guide to reorganizing this space. Begin with our clever system for sorting items, then get inspired ideas for creating more storage space, repurpose unwanted belongings and declutter your home.

Sort Apparel by Category

Begin by removing all of the items from your closet and divide your apparel pieces by category:
  • Sweaters
  • Tops and blouses
  • T-shirts
  • Pants
  • Shorts
  • Skirts
  • Jackets and blazers
  • Coats
  • Swimwear
  • Accessories (scarves, hats, belts)

Keep, Donate or Repurpose

With your wardrobe broken down into smaller categories, work through each collection and place items into one of three bins:

  • Keep: Clothing items that have been worn recently or you plan to wear soon can be kept and stowed back in your closet. Be sure to check your pieces of apparel for stains and start a separate pile for kept items that need to be sent to the drycleaner.

Tip: When trying to decide if an item should be kept, remember the two-year rule. If you haven’t worn an item in this long, chances are you won’t any time soon. Consider donating or repurposing it instead.

  • Donate: Seldom is a piece of apparel so damaged or outdated that it should simply be thrown away. Instead, take your items to a local donation center—and don’t forget to ask for your tax return receipt! For fun jewelry and accessories, try contacting a costume shop or donate them to your local school’s theater department.

Tip: If you have a beautiful suit jacket or skirt that still has its tags on, try taking it to a high-end consignment shop or give it to a special friend.

  • Repurpose: Perhaps you love the pattern of a blouse, just not the cut. Or a tear along the hem of your skirt has kept you from wearing it. Try repurposing these items into new, inspired creations. Transform scarves and blouses into textile art, fashion an old shirt into a new apron, or try using your pieces as unexpected décor.

With your closet empty, take the time to give it a thorough cleaning. Use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to easily wipe away grime on shelves and scuffmarks on walls.

Reorganize Your Closet

Before placing your kept items back in the closet, make a game plan. Think about your current home storage system and what you like and don’t like about it—perhaps you’d like to stow your sweaters in a different spot, or your shoes always clutter the floor. Take a cue from our smart organization solutions and create the perfect closet for you:

  • Use hanging shoe organizers for shoes, rolled ties, jewelry and more.
  • Put bulkier items like sweaters out of sight by placing them in stackable storage baskets.
  • Make more room for shirts, socks and undergarments by placing a small chest of drawers in the closet, if space permits.
  • Create extra hanging space for belts, hats, bathrobes and even handbags by adding a series of hooks.

Give your newly organized closet the finishing touch by freshening your items with Febreze. It’s perfect for hard-to-wash apparel like jackets and cloth shoes.

Out-of-Season Storage

Even though you’ve condensed your wardrobe, you might still desire some additional storage space for your kept items. As you move into a new season, place clothing that won’t be needed for several months in another closet or storage room. For example, come springtime, pack away bulky sweaters and heavy winter gear until late fall.

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About the Author: Christie Morgan

I am a former Licensed Real Estate Agent that absolutely loves helping people find the home of their dreams. I also enjoy interior design, reading, writing, traveling, and spending time with my two cats.