The Best Ways To Add Curb Appeal

The first impression matters a lot, and your house needs to stand out from the bundles of the same houses along the road. Even if you are not planning to sell your property anytime soon, you should concentrate on upgrading the exterior of your house for a great welcome. From color schemes to the kind of house door, each and everything on the front porch reflects who you are. There are dozens of ways which can improve the curb appeal of your house and make it stand out. We have come up with a lot of improvements that can be implemented in a day and won’t even cost you much. Not only will they make a difference, but you will be welcomed with something new as you drive back home.

Add big house numbers

Without doing much, it will add that personalized touch to your porch. Try to display big bold house numbers, with hand-picked tiles or custom-made huge and stylish fonts that will make your entrance stand out from the rest of the houses.

Paint the front door

A front door should be properly painted and varnished. It is the way to enter your home and creates a huge impact. A front door that stands out from the rest with cheering and bright colours is a nice idea if you are youthful and a sophisticated and well varnished front door gives an age-old untouched appeal to the home.

Porch furniture

Try to create an ambience on the porch with the addition of some matching furniture. A pair of matching rockers could be a great addition. You can also add big gliders or adirondack chairs that would be visible from the street, letting everyone know about your subtle taste and attitude. Not only does this add great appeal to your porch, but also serves as a nice resting place for the entire family to sit together and enjoy a Sunday brunch.

Go hardscaping

Hardscaping is always a nice way to add that raw and unadulterated feel to your porch. Try to build some concrete ways, stone walls or concrete paths for a rough and rugged feel that will stay in your front porch for a longer period of time.

Make an impression at the front door

Make sure the front door areas are neatly painted in contrast to the front door. With some small house plants either side.

Porch Lighting

Try to have some tiny stripe of statement lights nearby the ground, or a big prominent noticeable light over the front area. You can also experiment a little on the front walk with the installation of solar light or antique light cabinets for a sophisticated appeal. The porch lights speak a lot about the residents of the house. It should be calm and soothing, yet bright and eye-catching. You can always experiment with different light types for different seasons.


Adding a fence around your property is highly recommended. It not only imparts a welcoming boundary that separates the noisy street and your own space, but also makes the yard look bigger. Also, it gives a great opportunity to paint the fences in contrasting colors that will highlight your house from the neighboring buildings.

Add contrast to your porch

A monochromatic porch often goes unnoticed. Try to add a contrasting element in your porch, with the inclusion of some hot vibrant accent. It could be anything from a yellow letterbox to a red bench that will stand out in its own way.


Instead of simple grass or dull landscape, you should try digging up your front lawn to plant more beautiful and colourful flowers that will add a unique and blissful appeal to your front porch. A happy house results in happy people, and it is elements like these which imparts a positive vibe in the household.

Paint the garage door

A garage door takes up a very prominent space on the front for some houses. Your garage door should be well repaired, painted and speak for itself. It should be a part of the house and the front porch, and should not look neglected.

Door knocker

Stunning metal hardware can even spark up the dullest of the doors. A door knocker enhances the feel of the house in a lot of ways. Try to install huge door knockers if you are planning to give your place an old Victorian feel, or paint it with contrasting colors if you seek a modern façade.

Repair the driveway

The driveway and the pathway should be well repaired and maintained. The cement and stones can crack up on the pavement in time, which looks dirty and never goes unnoticed. Repairing these areas can bring a new life to your entrance.

Side yard

Don’t let your side yard go unnoticed. Clear out those non-essential weeds and make a clean and tidy path to your backyard. It enhances the entire look of the porch and gives a good eye for the fenced area.

Porch floor

A porch floor is often neglected by the residents. Try to paint it with subtle and soothing colors. If it is damaged or requires some maintenance, don’t hesitate in making the required changes to give it another life.

Small plants

Let different plants speak out a story of their own with their vibrant colors, as they lay on your front porch, making it look prettier than ever.


Don’t hesitate in order to experiment things. A unique front door is always eye-catching and can glam up the entire front porch. It doesn’t matter if it is an ultra-modern super sleek door or a classic beautifully crafted door, it can add up an extra detail to your front and make the onlookers go “wow” in just one look. It might get a little harder to add that personal touch to your home’s exterior if you are living in a city. Nevertheless, try to work with whatever you can, with the addition of new window planters, new lighting, house numbers and clear doors which can add that extra chic to your place.

The curb appeal of a house is of utmost importance, as it is the first thing that is noticed by the onlookers and potential buyers. People do judge a house by its exterior as they judge a book by its covers. Let your house speak a story in itself with the best cover!

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About the Author: Christie Morgan

I am a former Licensed Real Estate Agent that absolutely loves helping people find the home of their dreams. I also enjoy interior design, reading, writing, traveling, and spending time with my two cats.