10 Costly Homeowner’s Insurance Mistakes

It is a very tricky job to buy any kind of insurance, and when it comes to buying house insurance it takes time to choose the right policy for your circumstances. For most people, their home is the most valuable asset they own. There are certain mistakes to avoid while insuring their property.

1. Underinsuring your property

To avoid this mistake contact a professional cost estimator, to analyze the cost to rebuild your home. Don’t forget to include any variable or upgrade cost that you have invested in your house recently.

2. False assumptions

Often owners assume that certain common aspects are covered in their policy terms, only to later find out that they were not. Read the entire policy thoroughly and check if it has everything you require or not. For example, in the US, flood insurance is rarely included in a traditional insurance plan, and owners who live nearby flood-prone areas, needs to get extra flood insurances. Also, a lot of insurance policies do not cover mold damage, which might cost a lot to repair. Never overestimate the coverage of your insurance policy and read every point before choosing the right insurance provider.

3. Not understanding a deductible

Often, the deductible, or the amount you pay before your insurance commences may increase at times. This usually happens on the occurrence of some storm or other natural disasters. Check if it remains static or changes on the occurrence of any natural disaster.

4. Choosing an insurance policy on the basis of price

As most of us make our decisions on the basis of price, a lot of homeowners make this mistake of choosing an insurance policy solely on the basis of the most convenient price. Instead, along with the price, research about the credibility of the company, their customer service and past records about handling claims. Also take advice from your family members and friends about their experience with the respective company.

5. Sticking with the standard policy

You might believe that a standard insurance policy would be enough, but it might not protect you from all the kinds of possible damages that can be done on your property. Before deciding an insurance plan, conduct a research about the major crisis that has happened in the past in your area and what are the essential things that should be covered by your insurance. If it is not there in the standard plan, ask for alternations or go for some other choice.

6. Buying just the legally required insurance

Most of the owners just buy the insurance that is legally required, which covers merely some basic damage. Make sure yor insurance coverage is adequate.

7. Not paying for workers compensation insurance

For those who have to hire full-time or part-time domestic employees should essentially cover workers compensation insurance. If required, you should talk to your agent about extending your policy to cover the needs.

8. Failing to provide full information to the insurance company

Often people fail to provide in-depth knowledge of their household and other significant things related to their lives to the insurance company. Imagine a scenario where the company has declined to cover you because you didn’t tell them that you had a dog. You should be completely honest with your insurance agent and should tell them about all your recent possessions or life changes.

9. Not making an inventory of all the possessions

Often homeowners fail to create a full inventory of their possessions. Since most home insurance policies cover contents of the property including appliances, electronic products, furniture, jewelry, and other expensive stuff, you should try to devote some quality time in order to make a detailed list of all your valuables and other possessions.

10. Not all the expensive items may be covered

Your home insurance may not cover expensive jewelry, there might be a limit to how many items you can include in the homeowner’s policy, and the claim can also be limited to certain items. Find out if your current policy would cover all your expensive items or not.

Homeowner’s insurance policies come in different prices and with a different set of rules. Before choosing the right policy for your home, create a checklist of all the important points, do your research and make a wise decision.

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About the Author: Christie Morgan

I am a former Licensed Real Estate Agent that absolutely loves helping people find the home of their dreams. I also enjoy interior design, reading, writing, traveling, and spending time with my two cats.